Saturday, January 31, 2015

NYC Pool fun

Originally last night, the girls and I planned to meet Noel to go to the shopping center in New York, when we were called to the pool by Maya's friend Riley for an hour. So, Noel changed up his plans to be with his friends and Belle, Maddy and I went to the pool to meet Maya and her friends. I sat on the adult watching chairs while Maya and her friends took my girls sliding. The boy, Lucas came to me after one of their slides with Isabelle crying. Everyone darted up the slide stairs to go again, while Lucas talked to me. Eventually, I decided to give Isabelle a dummy so that she wouldn't be upset, and go with Lucas, and I bet he and Belle caught up to the rest of them. The whole way to the shopping center, Isabelle talked and talked and talked about how much fun that was. Madeleine said it was a little less fun for her because she and Maya were caught going down the slide with the kid who screams really loudly. For the most part, I could say that me and my girls had a good night last night. Wonder what's in store for us now.

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