Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big apple calling...

The day can't come quickly enough. We (not quite all of us) are heading to New York. I'm beyond excited. It's my first big trip anywhere and it is NYC!!!  How could one not be excited? I've started planning.  I'm booking things, and with each thing I do for this trip I get more and more excited. It's going to be a memory making trip. I expect all that history and culture can only be good for me.

I have a list of must-see sites, must-see shows and must-eat-at restaurants. I'm willing it to come sooner, but scared it will be over before I can say 'anyone for a hot dog'.  I'm going to try it all. Something about NY just gets me giddy. 

I have to say this is the first genuine excitement I've had (other than the birth of my babies) for many years. I have just so needed this. It will be very good for my soul. It will be fun. Real FUN.

I will be talking lots about this (insert apology).  But who can blame me?

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